Benefits of Microbials

tomatoesBacteria are single-celled microscopic organisms that rapidly grow as colonies and produce beneficial by-products that are important to the environment as a whole and to mankind in particular. Beneficial bacteria are essential to life through the restoration of problem soils, improvement of crop production and the bioremediation of environmental pollutants.


Bacteria in soil are necessary in the conversion of unusable plant nutrients into forms that plants can use. While many soil bacteria are bound to the surface of soil particles and are found in soil aggregates, many more bacteria are concentrated at the roots of plants. In fact, bacteria found within the rhizosphere of plants are much greater than the concentration that is found in the rest of the soil. These symbiotic relationships between bacteria and plants are absolutely essential in promoting plant and soil health.


Sentinel’s specialty petroleum reducing bacteria work to improve oil recovery by reducing paraffin, H2S and scale in the reservoir.


Research over the last 25 years has shown that petroleum reservoirs contain diverse microbial communities that influence the quality and quantity of petroleum that can be recovered. The vast majority of reservoirs are plagued by levels of paraffin wax that can prevent the oil well from producing at its maximum output. Additionally, undesirable by-products like scale, H2S and SRB causing corrosion continually degrade and cause problems in the oilfield.