Microbial Products

Sentinel’s agriculture microbial platform offers unique biochemical and microbial solutions to soil health and crop fertility. Our technology platform is essential to the development of microbial applications for agriculture.

The soil is a complex habitat for microbial growth. Organisms in the soil are both numerous and diverse. Sentinel’s line of agriculture bacteria and microbial fertility products contain hundreds of billions of bacteria that contribute to soil and plant health in the following ways:

  • youngcornthe mineralization of organic compounds into plant available forms
  • the conversion of nitrogen into biological useable forms
  • the release of bound up nutrients and elements in the soil from clay and soil particles
  • the solubilization of phosphorus leading to its release and availability for plant uptake
  • competitive exclusion of pathogenic bacteria at the root zones and on the plant’s foliage
  • improved soil health, crop production and yield

Sentinel’s agriculture bacteria will improve soil fertility through creating a biological perimeter of protection around your crops.