The Key to Soil Health

Billions of Microscopic Farmers Working Non-Stop So Farmers Don’t Have To

Soil. It’s the building block of a great farming operation. If it’s fertile and maintained, then your crops will thrive. If it’s deficient in key essential nutrients and minerals, you will miss out on your maximum yield return.

healthyrootsOver the years, traditional fertilization and land tillage practices have slowly stripped soils of its basic nutrient-rich organic matter and microbial balance vital for optimal soil and plant health.

It’s time to ask – do I need to restore the natural microbiology and diversity in my soil? Am I falling short of maximum yield potential because of my soil?

Sentinel’s scientifically-formulated, premier microbial product are derived from healthy soil bacteria.  Using our proprietary biochemical microbial identification platform, we restore the essential microbiology that your soil needs to thrive. We help restore your soil.

Plants can only grow if there are the proper types of bacteria living at the root zone, actively converting unavailable nutrients into plant available forms. That’s what Sentinel’s unique bacteria do.

We introduce a uniquely formulated beneficial bacteria that improve soil health, accelerates organic mineralization, and promotes nutrient release. This directly enhances crop production and a healthy and strong root system.